Jacob Kucera

Ui/UX Designer

In 2014, I had stumbled across a site called CodePen where I found an immense interest in designing with HTML, CSS and JavaScript/ jQuery, I instantly fell in love with front-end web design. I shortly began to work on my own small projects in my free time, watching as many tutorials as I could and learning as much about the art of front- end design. Shortly after that, I began doing freelance web design. Everything from redesigning Bootstrap stylesheets into being more responsive and easy to use, to making personalized and responsive websites for clients with HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery. For my first professional line of work, I was given the opportunity to work as a web designer for a small music streaming service called wave.ac. I was tasked with redesigning the home, stream, upload & profile pages that were aimed at increasing the overall user engagement and monthly active users for the company. Aside from front-end web design, I also have a huge passion in graphic design, from designing coverarts for musicians, 3D modelling and rendering in programs like Cinema4D and Blender. I produce and compose music under the alias "MEJKO", and have amassed 2,000,000 streams across my discography on Spotify alone. I have been fortunate enough to have my music featured on the popular YouTube channel "Trap Nation" which currently holds over 30,000,000 subscribers. Web Design - Skills/Interests: CSS, HTML, JavaScript/jQuery, Figma, Atom.io, Git/GitHub Art Direction - Skills/Interests: Cinema4D, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, UE4, Photoshop, Paint.NET

Skills and Abilities

  • Figma - expert
  • Photoshop - expert
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