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AWS powered call centers

AI-powered interactive call routing and voicemail allows you to leverage the power of Amazon Lex to route incoming calls to you, your staff, or your voicemail. There are custom workflows for any business need, from confirming operating hours to connecting calls. Set up an industrial call center by installing the same application Amazon Marketplace uses. By leveraging AWS Connect [link to Amazon’s documentation], you will have a state-of-the-art system focused on quality customer care at scale. Join the thousands of companies using Connect to reach millions of users per day.

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AI powered chatbots

Be available for your clients and customers 24/7. Interact with prospects in an engaging format. Talk on websites, Slack, and other communication platforms.

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Alexa Integrations

The possibilities are endless! Drive Alexa users towards your business. Add a new sales channel. Enhance functionality of existing services. Automate work and boost productivity by integrating your product with millions of Alexa devices across the country. Plus, your Alexa-connected product continues to become smarter with Alexa’s growing list of features that leverage Alexa’s cloud intelligence, making it easier for you to deliver rich, delightful customer experiences.

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