4 Reasons You Need Your Own Website

Thomas Dykes

Posted on April 28, 2021

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1: Combine Social Media Outputs


A lot of people and businesses have active facebook pages, twitter pages, twitch streams, discord servers, et al.  These social media outputs are all great for expanding your client base and improving outreach, but how do your facebook people know about what’s happening on your twitter?  How do your twitch followers know what’s happening on your discord?  Social media results in a number of disjoint audiences with no intersection.  A website provides that intersection, combining all of your social media followings into one large, continuous group.


2: Build Personal Brand


You probably have an idea of what makes your business different, what makes it special, how your work is different than the work of other people.  But how do you show this to your customers/followers?  How do you tell potential customers and current followers what your brand truly is?  A website is more than just a place for people to visit, it’s a place where you can show what makes you YOU.


3: Push (tell your customers/fans what you’re up to)


By accumulating data on your clients/customers on your website, you can keep contact with your client base by sending out a variety of messages, letting them know what your next big thing is.  You can push to your entire audience or to specific segments depending on what you’re trying to market.  You can push via email, via a combined social media output, or both.  These messages can be sent manually or by an automated schedule, whichever is best for your business.


4: Pull (Get new people interested in what you’re doing)


A website is a great way to attract new customers.  Modern websites are calibrated to show up on the search engine results of the customers you are interested in.  Furthermore, you can specify what type of customer you are looking for in a variety of ways, and your SEO can be adjusted to find them.  Nothing is a substitute for a website that a customer can find at random or based on search terms you are looking for.  It grows your audience, your customer base, and your internet footprint.


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