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Magyk Software specializes in optimizing small business processes. We offer a full suite of services, including websites, applications, database management tools, and business management solutions. Our team has experience in most modern web development technologies, including Python, SQL, JavaScript, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, AWS, Databases, UNIX, and Linux. Magyk Software can implement new solutions, fix broken applications/machines, consult with clients about design, and contract out development labor. Magyk developers are masters of automation, and can provide robust solutions to streamline your business operations.


It has been our pleasure to work on a wide variety of projects. We are pleased to share the samples below.

Angular In-House Project

Angular Applications

Angular, our primary framework for web applications, is the gold standard in the web development industry.

Our angular team can build a quality application from scratch or update your aging web infrastructure.

Cloud Portal Project

React Websites

React, an open-source, front end, JavaScript library, is the quickest way to get from paper to application.

React delivers lightning fast applications. React is lightweight (small memory footprint, low CPU usage) library and offers many ways to add functionality to any site.

magyk.cloud is written in Gatsby. Gatsby is a specialized version of React that is search engine optimized, which makes it easier for your potential clients to find you.

Cloud Portal Project

Analytics Dashboards

Magyk can build custom dashboards which allow deeper insights into your data. You and your users deserve to see important information organized in a logical, easily understood way. Exotic graphs, unusual datasets, and responsive designs are not a problem for our data science team.

Cloud Portal Project

Private Applications

When storing your information online it is important to hold yourself to high standards. At Magyk Software we will provide you with security solutions which make sense for your project. We can also help with system and account administration. We are experienced in SSL, password hashing+salting, private networks, virtual private networks, access logging, and device monitoring. We ensure that only the proper people have access to the proper data.

Automation Project


It is always hard to find good people. It is also hard to ensure that your best people aren't wasting time on simple or repetitive work. By utilizing modern technologies to streamline your business processes you can reduce the repetitive work your employees do, which allows them to focus on growth and improvement.

Magyk Software has designed a program to scrape multiple job boards for the marketing team. Our machine has scraped and scored over two hundred thousand posts from Reddit, Craigslist, and LinkedIn. We now gets hundreds of highly qualified leads per day.

"Magyk Business" is an addition to the scraper which allowed the Marketing team filter and sort a list of leads, which allowed us to focus on the leads which make the most sense to us as a company.

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